So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God – Rom 10:17
People on hearing the Word based and power packed messages of Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar are getting deliverance miraculously in their lives. There are number of testimonies all across the World stating as to how they are delivered from different kinds of bondages.

Prostitutes in Mumbai got delivered from prostitution: Some time back there were four sex workers in a brothel house in Mumbai. They were kidnapped by some anti social elements while they were studying at elementary school level. After a few years they were sold to a brothel house management and forced into prostitution. They were working for that management for a few years. One day all of them were watching television. Suddenly they saw Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar preaching the Word of God. As they were listening to the Word of God, Gods saving power came powerfully upon the sex workers. The great power of the Holy spirit fell on them. They began to realize who they were. Their sinful bondages were broken by the power of the Lord. Miraculously they escaped from the grip of the management, travelled some hundreds of kilometers and shared their testimonies with the Man of God. All Glory be to God.

On the other side people with different kinds of sicknesses God healed while they were listening to the Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar. Every time he preached Gods healing power used to flood over the audience and mighty miracles took place. In this website, sermons are available both in English and Telugu. You are welcome to listen to these messages and blessed.
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About Ministry or is the unique ministry that strives hard to bring the resemblance of the early church on today’s church. 

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