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T.D.Prasanna Kumar Ministries or Krupa(Grace) Ministries International is the unique ministry that strives hard to bring the resemblance of the early church on today’s church. This is the ministry which with burning desire for perishing souls does evangelism across the world turning people from their own ways to God’s ways. On one side a great desire for perishing souls and on the other a great passion to transform believers to the likeness of Jesus is the main drive in this ministry.

About The Founder :


Dr. T.D.Prasanna Kumar ( Theetla David Prasanna Kumar) who is

mightily used by the Lord not only in India but also in other countries through his

power-packed messages and spirit-filled prayers was born of late Theetla Joseph and

Mrs. Gnanamma Joseph who were a zealous Christian couple known for their

sincerity and strong faith in Bible .  Born and bred in kadapa a city in the state of

Andhra Pradesh in South India which is notorious for its so called BOMB CULTURE 

and MURDERS,  Dr. Prasanna Kumar imbibed the rudiments of Christianity through

his father's  inspiriting talks who himself was an inspiring preacher. 


T.D.Prasanna Kumar did his post graduation in commerce from a reputed Indian

university and then did short term research on "Agricultural credit structure in India ".

While doing post graduation, he was touched by the Word of God. It so happened that

on the freshers' day celebrated by the university students, he was enquired by his

senior student whether he was saved. Then the same person began to persuade him to accept the blessed experience of salvation in his life.  Being born of a religious

Christian family and having a strong faith in a pure life, he felt that he did not need

salvation. When his friend quoted the verse as read in John 3;3 " Truly truly I say unto

you except a man be born again, he can not see the kingdom of God", T.D.Prasanna

Kumar subjected himself to the Word of God . 


We always love to sing the famous english song 'born of the spirit with life

from above into God's family divine….' But many fail to have this blessed

experience. But as for T.D.Prasanna Kumar it was a real experience like for any other

saved person. As he was pondering over the Word of God, the Spirit of the Lord

began to work on him in a powerful way and he knelt down with the deep rooted

conviction that salvation is God's plan for mankind and sincere living is man's own

and self styled living pattern. He confessed all his sins related to self righteousness

and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior. 


It was in 1982, in the month of February, as T.D.Prasanna Kumar was on his knees

praying in the midnight, his room was filled with great light. Though his eyes were

closed he was able to see all the surroundings and even inside his body. The wonder

was that though he was able to see inside his body, it was not the internal organs like

heart and lungs that he was seeing but light – a very great light. Suddenly there was a

great joy which was bubbling from the bottom of his heart. He began to laugh, laugh

and laugh. After some time he began to think why he was so exceedingly joyful. Then

he heard a gentle voice telling him THIS IS WHAT IS MENTIONED IN THE HOLY


Then he saw Lord Jesus and he talked to him for twenty minutes and explained

how his ministry would be blessed with mighty healings, signs and wonders. Then

Lord Jesus spoke that this man of God be filled with His great Holy Spirit and the

Spirit of the Lord came very powerfully upon him. And consequently because of this great heavenly calling the ministry started with signs and wonders. Oh, the world's greatest miracles happened , the church was added with believers and the name of the Lord is being glorified till today.

Oh, the wonderful way this ministry was started;
Way back in the year 1982 the man of God Dr.T.D.Prasanna Kumar was called by

the Lord to be his evangelist. Soon after that experience the ministry started in a

very powerful way. Also problems began to assail him in an unprecedented way.

Soon after his experience with the Lord a team of sixty youth was formed and it was

a powerful praying team. God was with them and many non-christians turned to the

Lord. This group was not having even a room where they can have their regular


One established church came forward to accommodate them in their building.

But after two months the leaders of the church came and told them that permission

was cancelled because they were using the electricity and their prayers were costing

the church more. This team had no place to pray. Another church came forward to

accommodate them in their building. After two months the elders of this church

came and said that their prayers were a nuisance to the church because they were

praying loudly. It is disturbing the serene atmosphere of the church. So without

giving prior notice they asked them to vacate. Like this almost every church said NO

to this ministry. Almost they were necked out of each and every church. No place to

gather, no place to have a common worship.
Then this sixty member team decided to go to the cemetery and spend there for two hours in prayer every day. There was no objection at all from any corner. But suddenly one young man in the team screamed and said that he saw a demon coming out of the tomb and all others were afraid .

Every body said that there should be a change in the place . Again no place

to worship. But on the other side great healings and miracles were taking place in

the ministry. But no place to gather and worship the Lord. Yes, the birds of air have

nests and the foxes do have holes but not the son of man.

At that time the father of Dr.T.D.Prasanna kumar a man passionate for ministry

came forward and gave his own place- a very very costly place as a gift to the

ministry. Also he constructed a prayer hall in the same place with his own

expenditure and now this is the international headquarters of this ministry.

This is where the church building which accommodates two thousand people was

constructed and this is the place where the 24x7 prayer tower functions.

Rejected and chased out but only for a while and it is only to reach a place of

Beersheba as in the case of Isaac in the book of Genesis 26; 16-24.


  •   Dr. T.D.Prasanna Kumar,
         D.No; 3/2180,
    Raja Reddy Street, Kadapa.
  • Andhra Pradesh, South India
  •   +91 -92-470-45556
  • E.mail: tdprasannakumar@rediffmail.com

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tdprasannakumarministries.com or gracemoments.org is the unique ministry that strives hard to bring the resemblance of the early church on today’s church. 

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