"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." John 14:26

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About us
                          Dr. T.D.Prasanna Kumar ( Theetla David Prasanna Kumar) who is mightily used by the Lord not only in India but also in other countries through his power-packed messages and spirit-filled prayers was born of late Theetla Joseph and Mrs. Gnanamma Joseph who were a zealous Christian couple known for their sincerity and strong faith in Bible .  Born and bred in kadapa a city in the state of Andhra Pradesh in South India which is notorious for its so called BOMB CULTURE  and MURDERS,  Dr. Prasanna Kumar imbibed the rudiments of Christianity through his father’s  inspiriting talks who himself was an inspiring preacher.


T.D.Prasanna Kumar did his post graduation in commerce from a reputed Indian university and then did short term research on “Agricultural credit structure in India “. While doing post graduation, he was touched by the Word of God. It so happened that on the freshers’ day celebrated by the university students, he was enquired by his senior student whether he was saved. Then the same person began to persuade him to accept the blessed experience of salvation in his life.  Being born of a religious Christian family and having a strong faith in a pure life, he felt that he did not need salvation. When his friend quoted the verse as read in John 3;3 “ Truly truly I say unto you except a man be born again, he can not see the kingdom of God”, T.D.Prasanna Kumar subjected himself to the Word of God .

          We always love to sing the famous english song ‘born of the spirit with life from above into God’s family divine….’ But many fail to have this blessed experience. But as for T.D.Prasanna Kumar it was a real experience like for any other saved person. As he was pondering over the Word of God, the Spirit of the Lord began to work on him in a powerful way and he knelt down with the deep rooted conviction that salvation is God’s plan for mankind and sincere living is man’s own and self styled living pattern. He confessed all his sins related to self righteousness and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

It was in 1982, in the month of February, as T.D.Prasanna Kumar was on his knees praying in the midnight, his room was filled with great light. Though his eyes were closed he was able to see all the surroundings and even inside his body. The wonder was that though he was able to see inside his body, it was not the internal organs like heart and lungs that he was seeing but

       Immediately after this great experience, the ministry of Prasanna Kumar was started by the Holy Spirit.  Healings and mighty miracles began to follow his preaching wherever he went to preach. Demons began to tremble and flee, tumours were disappeared by the power of the Lord, paralysed were healed and heathen turned from their religious backgrounds  to the Lord in a very great number. A great revival broke  wherever he went  to minister the Word of God. Till today huge crowds are being attracted to attend   his meetings  to listen to him  preaching the Word of God.

        God enabled Dr. T.D.Prasanna Kumar to start television ministry in the year 2001. He was the first  speaker to preach the Word of God in telugu on television. As he began to preach the Word of God on television the strongholds of devil were broken and people irrespective of caste , colour and creed were attracted to his preachings and turned to the Lord.  The power-packed messages and spirit-filled prayers of Dr. Prasanna Kumar began to penetrate deep into every heart and even prostitutes turned to the Lord as they listened to his aired messages . The priestly community of different religions fell prostrate before the miracle working power of the Lord and a great revival broke in and around Andhra Pradesh for the glory of God. At present he is preaching on three popular Indian television channels every week. Though television ministry is highly expensive and too difficult  to maintain for a ministry based in a very backward region, God strengthened Prasanna Kumar to continue this great task with faith. Every month some hundreds of thousands of rupees are being spent on these programmes and God is supporting this faith ministry.

                As the ministry began to increase by leaps and bounds, our dear Lord enabled Dr. Prasanna Kumar to construct a huge building for the church  in kadapa with  a width of 8000 sq. feet.  Altogether the building was constructed in two floors making the square area of the church building 16,000 sq. feet.  Now worship service is going on every Sunday and many non-christians ( both hindus and muslims) are attending the church alongwith Christians . Powerful messages and worshipping in the Spirit are making new believers join the church almost every day.
Satellite churches;
            Not only the main church in kadapa but many satellite churches have been coming up in the ministry of Br. T.D.Prasanna kumar   during the last few years and Pastors are appointed in some churches as full time workers and in some other churches those who are having secular jobs are doing voluntary service. This is a bird’s eye view of the ministry of Bro. T.D.Prasanna Kumar. For some more details , kindly contact;

Every Sunday service- 9am-12pm
Youth meeting- 4.30pm-6pm(every sunday evening)
Friday Fasting prayer -7pm-9pm
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